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Human Rights Pledge Requests
sent to 102 Members of
The House of Lords,
UK Parliament.
20th November 2021

The following letter was emailed to the 102 Members of The House of Lords who expressed a Policy Interest in ‘Crime, Civil Law, Justice, and Rights’.

Members with this Policy Interest are listed on the UK Government webpage:
Find Members of the House of Lords‘.

 [102 Members of The House of Lords]

House of Lords
Emailed to: [Individual member’s email addresses]

Re: A Human Rights Pledge for Those in Public Office & Public Service

20th November 2021


Dear [Named Lord or Baroness]

I am writing to you today, because you are one of 102 members of the House of Lords who have expressed a policy interest in ‘crime, civil law, justice and rights’. I am writing to every member who has expressed this interest.

I have recently embarked on a project that has two key objectives.

The first is to educate each and every individual within society on their Bioethical and Human Rights, according to internationally ratified laws.

The second is to discover exactly which public servants, and public bodies, are prepared to acknowledge their legal and moral obligations to three of those key International Bioethics and Human Rights Laws / Conventions / Treaties / Declarations, and which refuse to do so.

These laws are, namely:
The Nuremberg Code 1947
UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights 2005

I will be publishing the results of this enquiry as it unfolds, in order that the people who are served by those politicians and institutions might become fully informed as to who actually respects and represents their Human Rights within the political sphere, and who is guilty of denying the superlative authority of those rights.

Party politics and legal arguments should have no place in regards to this question, because these laws are not simply legislation, or political in nature. They supersede all national legislation and political standpoints for a number of fundamental reasons. Human Rights Laws are internationally agreed laws; they are laws wholly founded in morality; they are laws that unassailably regard each individual, equally, in respect to both personal responsibility and protection; and they are laws that have unquestionably stood the test of time. For 75 years, to the best of my knowledge, no serving politician within Western politics has ever stood on a platform that renounced or rebuked International Human Rights Laws. It is now the time to place that apparent full political compliance on the public record.

Incredibly, in the short space of time since I conceived this project, I have already found that those who are meant to be serving the people appear to have a very limited real understanding of International Human Rights Law. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and in this case, it is. For a politician to declare their political credentials to include being an advocate for people’s rights, and yet to not even understand the difference between ‘Human Rights’ and ‘civil rights’ or ‘political rights’ – as just two clear examples, is at best, insincere, but in truth, it is simply phoney and deceitful politics. Can our politicians really be this ignorant of Human Rights?

Sadly, in my experience, I have found that the main concern of those within public office appears to be a straightforward obedience to State, party, or ideological policy, without any individuality of thought or comprehension of a larger political or social landscape. From the understanding I have so far acquired in the course of this project, I am yet to find a politician that has actually read the above three seminal Human Rights Laws. I find this reality both shocking and quite unacceptable within a so-called ‘democratic’ or ‘civilised’ nation.

When it comes to the legitimacy of Human Rights, the opinion of any government, or of any individual or institution representing the State, is simply not relevant, because of course, it was the non-compliance by the State (nazi Germany) towards what we now call Human Rights, which directly led to the creation of internationally ratified Bioethics and Human Rights Laws, beginning with the Nuremberg Code in 1947, and promptly followed by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

In the words of Martin Luther King Jnr., “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

Human Rights exist specifically to protect the individual (equally, without privilege or prejudice) from the tyranny of the State, and other such institutions and corporate entities. It is simply the absolute compliance of the State to those Rights that is required, nothing more.


The Pledge

For the reasons above, I have created a very simple ‘Pledge’ for those in public office.

I politely request one of two things from you.

Please either return by email an electronic copy of the signed ‘Pledge’, which will be placed in the public domain along with all other pledges by politicians and public servants who have also acknowledged their moral and legal obligation to these International Bioethics and Human Rights Laws.

Alternatively, refuse to sign the Pledge, and provide your personal reasons for doing so. I would not recommend that you simply refuse to respond at all, or do not give any plausible and objective reasons if refusing to sign, as being a core member of the British democratic system, and simply refusing to discuss the paramount issue of Human Rights, is likely to be regarded as the most objectionable position to take, from the public’s perspective. Above all, the people want – and have always wanted – two things from their political representatives. They want their opinions heard, and they want to be protected from all forms of tyranny and oppression.

I strongly believe that those politicians who sign this Pledge will gain a huge amount of respect and adoration from the people, particularly those politicians who are first to do so, rather than those who simply fall into line once a number of their colleagues and peers have stepped up to the plate.

It is my aim to establish an online resource, listing exactly which politicians unequivocally respect the Human Rights of those they serve, and who are not afraid to replace the so often hollow words spoken by politicians on defending the rights of the people, with a signed Pledge that provides a personal acknowledgement of obligation in regards to those Human Rights.

This online record will also include all those who have refused to sign the pledge, along with any reasons they have given. It is then down to the people to make their own judgements, in regards to whether or not the reasons given for any refusal to sign, are indeed tenable. With this in mind, it is not recommended that you claim any ‘legal’ or ‘professional’ inability to sign such a personal pledge, or make a joint agreement with others to present an identical argument as to why you cannot sign, as all such replies will be displayed together, and all such reasons will be fully investigated with FOI Act requests etc, the results of which will also be posted alongside.

In no way is the above intended to sound contentious, but I believe it is important that you should understand that this is a very serious endeavour, and not simply something that can be ignored or treated lightly. Making the process clear at this stage saves time later on, and leaves nobody in any doubts as to the lay of the land.

It is high-time that the people of all so-called ‘democratic’ nations can rest assured that their political representatives unequivocally respect their Human Rights. I challenge anyone to justly rebut this straightforward statement.

Frankly, I cannot fathom how any serving politician would even consider not signing this Pledge. I defy you to find one line within any of the three Laws stated, which any decent human being would contemplate breaching. We shall see.

Obviously, if you haven’t done so already in your political life, it is essential at this stage that you thoroughly read the three International Bioethics and Human Rights Laws listed. Whilst doing so, please consider deeply each one of the requirements and constraints to which you, and every other politician and individual within society, are legally obligated to observe and uphold. The Pledge is simply a personal acknowledgement of that existing obligation, to which you are already subject.

The purpose of signing the Pledge is to reassure the people that the legal system that governs them is actually being adhered to by those who represent them, and their interests, within the corridors of power. If politicians are not wholly willing to personally acknowledge their moral and legal obligations to International Human Rights Laws, then how can the people have any faith whatsoever in the political and legal systems that govern their society?

For your convenience, I have attached PDF copies of the three stated laws in their entirety.

The very simple ‘Pledge’ I would like you to sign is as follows. I have also attached a PDF copy.


The ‘Human Rights Pledge’ For All Politicians and Public Servants

I, [REPLACE WITH YOUR NAME IN CAPITALS], do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare, in respect to all my duties, responsibilities, statements and policy making decisions within public office, that I will always place the Human Rights of the individual above the sole interests of the State or the Society, as laid down within the following International Bioethics and Human Rights laws, codes and principles.

The Nuremberg Code 1947
UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948
UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights 2005






…………… END OF ‘PLEDGE’ ……………


Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this correspondence and consider my request.

The Chinese saying, “may you live in interesting times” is said to be both a blessing and a curse. I guess this depends on whether an individual sees life in terms of a series of opportunities, or ordeals. I see mine in terms of the former, and I hope you do too. I believe that we are currently living in the greatest of ‘interesting times’, and so the opportunities are equally as great. In regards to politics, there is clearly a new day dawning. It is time for every conscious individual to ensure that this new day is full of light, not darkness.

I look forward to you response.


Your sincerely

Jack Quartz

[Email address]



All responses will be published on the website. Responses will be divided into two main categories, listing those who have signed the Pledge separately from those who have refused to sign it.

This will allow the public to easily see exactly which members of the House of Lords, who have expressed a Policy Interest in ‘Justice and Rights’, are willing to acknowledge their moral and legal responsibilities to Human Rights, and which do not. The reasons given by those who refuse will be published, in order that the public may judge for themselves whether or not those reasons are at all acceptable.

A third category of responses will cover those who respond with questions, and a fourth category will list those who have not responded at all (within 14 days). Members who simply refuse to reply at all will be listed as refusing to sign, as well as being further listed as refusing to discuss the issue of Human Rights.


PEOPLE POWER – YOUR DEMOCRATIC INVOLVEMENT strictly adheres to the principle that the people can speedily create a brand new, moral and fair society, through only the use of peaceful, lawful and democratic actions. There are many that say it cannot be done, but then they continue to do nothing but support a corrupted system.

You can change the world! Don’t simply leave it to others, and ‘hope’ for better times ahead. A thousand people writing a single email has a far greater effect than a single person writing a thousand emails.

As Gandhi rightfully instructed, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If you believe that all those who politically represent you must respect your Human Rights, and must acknowledge their political obligation to adhere to those Rights, then it is down to you to make them accept that requirement.

Wherever you are in the world, write to your MP, your councillors, your mayor, your Senator, your Prime Minister, your President, your police chief, your school and university board, and every political representative and public servant who is supposed to be representing you, as a sovereign human being ,within the democratic system. Get them to sign the Bioethics and Human Rights Pledge. Always be polite and lawful in your correspondence.

Click here for more information on The Pledge.

If you would like to email a member, or members of The House of Lords, and add your weight to the request detailed in the above letter, check out the contact details of each members at the following page:
Find Members of the House of Lords with a Policy Interest in ‘Crime, Civil Law, Justice and Rights’.

Always thinking as individuals, and by working in support of each other, we can, and will, form a new society, which respects, serves, and protects each and every individual, equally, without privilege or prejudice. Quite simply, those principles are the basis of all International Bioethics and Human Rights Law. It is time for those who oppose or deny such principles to be permanently removed from the political system.




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‘The Pledge’


Contact and challenge your political representatives and public service institutions.

Establish whether or not they support and adhere to International Bioethics and Human Rights Law.

Are they prepared to sign a declaration that publicly confirms their full adherence to
International Bioethics and Human Rights Laws?

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