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What is Card Casting?

Card Casting is quite simply the broadcasting of information through the medium of cards. These cards come in three forms:Table Info Cards, Biz (Business) Info Cards, and Post Info Cards.

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) Article 19, clearly states that,
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

However, as events over recent years have shown, many multinational corporations, media companies and even governments have shown a complete lack of regard for the above Human Right and other supporting Human Rights articles, codes and principles, in respect to the free sharing of information.

The Internet is the key target for these Human Rights abuses.

Using more traditional forms of publishing, these current attempts by the State and corporations to dumb-down the human populace by only allowing propaganda to be shared, can be fully bypassed.

The only rules are, be polite and be truthful. Abuse rarely if ever succeeds in shifting the narrative, and what point is there in fabricating information, when there is such an endless amount of factual information and data that is being purposefully concealed from the people. Goodness and truth will always prevail in the end.

It takes such a small amount of money to purchase 100 Biz Info Cards, 25 Table Info Cards, or a handful of Info Post Cards, with dscounts for multiple purchasing and further daily discounts always available. By always purchasing via the links on this website, you will also be helping fund this project and other similar projects that seek to help the individual survive and prosper against State, corporate and institutional oppression.


There are three types of Info Card used in Card Casting: Table Info Cards, Biz (Business) Info Cards, and Post Info Cards.


Table Info Cards are folded ‘tent’ cards that can easily catch the eye when left on a table, counter or shelf, such as in a coffee shop or eatery. For this reason, they are ideal for passively spreading information. Just leave them in places that a stranger is likely to pick them up, and particularly somwhere in which that recipient of the card is likely to immediately have the time to read the card, such as in a coffee shop or on public transport.

Table Info Cards are designed to be folded, and thereby also increase the amount of information that is able to be stored on a single card, which can be stored away in something as small as a credit card wallet. For this reason, they also make perfect ‘booklets’ to keep in your pocket for when you need the right information at hand.

TABLE INFO CARDS No Discrimination Permitted FRONT
TABLE INFO CARDS No Discrimination Permitted BACK
TABLE INFO CARDS No Discrimination Permitted CENTRE
TABLE INFO CARDS No Discrimination Permitted FRONT & BACK



Business Info Cards or Biz Info Cards are generally the largest size of businesscard, in order for them to hold the largest amount of information.

The main advantage of Biz Info Cards over Table Info Cards is that they are more economical to purchase, and so for simply handing out to those people you wish to inform, they are often the best option. They are also easily storable in traditional businesscard wallets, and so are very useful for carrying a number of them around at all times, so that you are always in a position to share information with those individuals you meet.

Of course, they are not as eye-catching as Table Info Card, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get noticed, picked up and read, if left in public places.


Post Info Cards are able to get the message out far and wide. By using the postal service to promote the information, these travelling mini billboards are able to inform and educate everyone they come in contact with, from the moment they are posted to the moment they are received by the recipient.

These little gems of Card Casting can truly make a difference. Send to high profile politicians and public servants for great impact. Imagine 100 copies of the same bold message or selection of supporting messages arriving at the desk of newspaper editor, Senator or Mayor over the space of a week. The more you buy, the less you pay.

If the Post Info Card is being sent to a personal address, then everyone in the household is likely to read it. If sent to an office environment or business, then everyone throughout the process, from when it arrives at the building to when it rests on the desk of the the recipient, will get the message. Truly, a great way of getting the word out!

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