A Challenge to the Legality of Australia’s COVID-19 Measures

Tony Ryan delivered his legal challenge in Australia on the 22nd October 2021 to representatives of the Chief Medical Officer.



In Australia, four of our Commonwealth Acts are being violated, as well as our Constitution (Section 51, 23A). The survival of our indigenous people is in the balance, and we anticipate that by 2026, 65% of our population will be deceased (ref DEAGLE statistics).

In Victoria and NSW, citizens protesting the lockdowns and mRNA mandates, have been beaten, sexually molested, pepper-sprayed, and shot with rubber bullets. Many have been imprisoned and fines of $5000 are not uncommon. All of this is illegal.

Our military lower ranks have declared that, if ordered to shoot civilians, they will instead shoot their officers. In response, the Government has introduced a Bill to import foreign soldiers, not excluding mercenaries, who will have total immunity from prosecution, even from rape, assault or murder “Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force response to Emergencies) Bill, 2020”. Clause 123AA. The first troops have arrived already: the notorious Indonesian Shock Troops, Kopassus, who have tortured and killed thousands in West Papua, and who have now commenced formal training in knocking down doors and killing Australian citizens, now classed as ‘terrorists’. It is known that the Mossad and IDF also are in Australia, but their whereabouts are unknown.

Most of our 34,000 Indigenous in the NT speak only very fundamental English, some eighty Aboriginal languages being the only form of communication. They have no idea what the mRNA jabs constitute but are told they will be sacked if they do not submit to jabs. Others are paid $500 bribes to comply. Context is important. The government has engaged a secret strategy of genocide for the past 45 years, enforcing poor diet, food toxicity, residential over-crowding, and non-comprehension of nutrition, hygiene, and finance, by refusing to recognise local languages. Ergo, for 233 years, Indigenous have been forced to negotiate their survival in a foreign language… English. In such a climate, they are defenceless against the campaign to submit to the illegal mRNA intervention.

Medical scientists are an important part of the genocide. For example, if every Aborigine was given one Ivermectin tablet per week, not only would covid be held at bay, but scabies would be eliminated altogether. Scabies precipitates rheumatic heart disease, which kills thousands of Indigenous. The Menzies School of Health Research ensures that such a strategy is never contemplated, let alone implemented. Medical and scientific ethics are at an all-time low.

The government is now poised to force the jab on children and pregnant women. Civil war is a very real prospect.

Many of us have been protesting. Today, I deliver my legal challenge (attached, below) to the edicts of the Chief Medical Officer, from which are derived local laws that enforce wearing of masks, delimited movement, and pseudo-vaccinations. I anticipate severe blowback.

Regarding our Indigenous population, although I speak a couple of languages, I cannot warn people about the risks because geographical movement here is difficult, necessitating travel by air, or some 1200 Ks by dirt road. As an age pensioner, the cost of travel is also prohibitive.

We need help from outside Australia.

Tony Ryan

Tony Ryan was formerly a permanent Welfare Officer for the Commonwealth and NT Governments Public Service for a decade. Much of his family is Aboriginal.

He has recently collaborated with two Aboriginal community representatives as sources of information on the First Nations perspective, in regards to the unlawful and totalitarian actions of the Australian government in response to COVID-19.

Testimonies and statements from those representatives will be posted on this website.



What is currently taking place in countries like Australia is nothing short of a organised criminal takeover of democracy.

Nations like Canada and France are not far behind, but from what I have witnessed of late via those involved in ‘real’ journalism, aka independent media, Australia is at the bleeding edge of the 1st World’s rapid descent into an Orwellian dictatorship, with all the fascist and communist trimmings attached.

When the rank and file of the military of a Commonwealth nation openly state that they believe that they may soon be ordered to fire on the citizenry, simply to enforce a medical tyranny that breaks numerous International Human Rights Laws, it is surely time for other more responsible governments, and the people of the world, to step in.

What’s the globalist response to those in the military saying that they would refuse to obey such orders? It is to train and legally empower mercenary shock troops from abroad for the task, who are ready and willing to arrest, incarcerate, harm, and even kill members of the public, simply for refusing to be injected with an experimental concoction.

Australia’s “Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020” gives those mercenaries 100% immunity for any crimes they may wish to commit under an “emergency” situation, such as COVID-19 response. Imagine such a scenario where you live.

Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force response to Emergencies) Bill, 2020. Clause 123AA
Clause 123AA – Immunity in relation to certain assistance
(1) A protected person (see subsection (3)) is not subject to any liability (whether civil or criminal) in respect of anything the protected person does or omits to do, in good faith, in the performance or purported performance of the protected person’s duties, if…
[extract from page 8]

If you let this stand in Australia, you may not have to imagine it for much longer. This is a globalist takeover, intended for the entire globe under the planned one-world-government.

The people of Australia are fully protected by International Human Rights Laws but not by their government. Why? Simply because the State works on behalf of globalism, not the nation or its people. It is time for everyone who still has some degree of consciousness and critical thinking intact to wake up to this clear reality of the world that you are living in.

Those who do not get their news from the mainstream media, which has systematically and purposefully hidden what is going on in countries like Australia from the rest of the world, may be aware that senior members of the police and other national and regional institutions have recently resigned from their posts, because they do not want to play a part in what they consider to be a replacement of the rule of law with the rule of tyranny, which serves only globalist multinationals, oligarchs, and agendas, whilst acting treasonously towards the people of Australia.

Also recently, some of those who have their ear to the ground have actually begun to flee the country before the next level of totalitarianism is implemented. It is hard to belief, but Australia now has ‘refugees’ living out of suitcases in other countries, having fled their home nation because of the dystopian takeover by globalist forces. Will your country willingly accept and protect those refugees? Perhaps you should ask your political representatives for the answer?

Now is the time for those living in other countries, which will surely face the exact same police-State tyranny if the Australian regime is allowed to get away with it, to force their own governments to take action immediately. Call for a boycott of Australia, Canada, France, and any other State authority that is attempting to force a medical tyranny on its people. Demand that the ICC investigate and bring charges against those politicians responsible. Make a complaint to the Human Rights Council. Just make sure you do something! Now!




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