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How to Use RSS

An overview of RSS and how to use it

 What are RSS Feeds? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. RSS allows you to keep track of posts, headlines, audio, video etc using an aggregator. An aggregator will automatically check the RSS feed for website content and allow posts to be automatically passed to your aggregator app.

What do I need to use RSS feed links? Use a News Aggregator / News Feed / RSS Reader to get the updates from any particular link. Simply enter as many RSS links as you like into your News Aggregator. For instance, to receive all posts, copy and paste the RSS Link Address for “All Posts” into your aggregator. To receive only posts regarding a certain category or topic, copy and paste one of the ‘Category Feed’ RSS Links into your aggregator.

Some examples of News Aggregators / RSS Readers:
FEEDLY – Available for iOS and Android, as well as most major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Add it to your browser or mobile device.
PANDA – Available for Web, iOS and Chrome. Panda lets you read your RSS feeds the way you want to, including a standard three column layout with your feeds, articles, and a preview of the original story by default. You can also add multiple columns to view all of your favourite sites’ stories at once, or remove columns to focus just on your articles, and more.
PULSE – Available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) and Android.You can add your favourite topics and web sites, and you still have some control over what sources you read and what topics you read about, but Pulse pushes to you what it considers to be the best news of the day and what it thinks you’ll be interested in, so watch out for the establishment’s propaganda.
AWASU – Available for Windows only. Awasu offers a modern and fully customisable user interface, individually configurable channels, advanced features to manage your channels, content archiving, coupled with an advanced search engine. You can also automatically download your favourite podcasts. Download the latest free version here.
FEEDY – An RSS Client for your Mac, downloadable from the Mac App Store. Recommended by NMO as a simple Desktop News Aggregator if you use a Mac.

A Few Tips
The above are just a few examples of RSS Readers or News Aggregators. Do some simple searches to find the Reader that suits you and is compatible with the platform(s) or device you are using. Search for “RSS Reader”, “RSS Client”, “RSS App”, “News Aggregator” etc and be sure to pick a Reader that allows you to store custom feeds. Some News Aggregators simply push news from their own list of approved websites – useless for the free-thinker.

A good website will make it easy for you to receive RSS feeds for all posts or the specific categories that interest you by clearly showing the RSS icon on the homepage, in the header or footer, and on any other relevant pages. Simply right click and copy the RSS URL links and paste them into your Reader. Some websites are not quite so helpful, so if you can’t find their RSS symbol, try typing the web address of the site plus RSS, e.g. “ RSS” into a search engine to find the RSS link. Alternatively, try adding /feed or /?feed=rss2 to the web address, e.g. or to get the feed for all the website’s posts.

Remember – Never use Google
Lastly, Google Reader is another RRS Reader, but we do not advise using any Google services. Check which companies are owned by, or partnered with Google, and steer well clear of all of them. Remember, Google censors, spies on your browsing, and has endless historical links to the CIA, NSA, GCHQ and other corrupted institutions of the criminal establishment’s control system. There are always alternatives to Google, so if you are genuine about rejecting the systems of control that relentlessly attempts to manipulate you, you should aim to totally remove Google from your life. You can begin by using DuckDuckGoStart Page or other decent browsers that never track your Internet searching, giving you the total privacy you always deserve, as well as genuine search results, rather than results designed to program your mind with false information, which rely on profiling you via the data mining of your internet searches. Again, NEVER USE GOOGLE!

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